Advent 2021 – 2

The word waiting is synonymous with Advent, and yet it is not often something we enjoy doing. Sitting in traffic, listening to something on our telephone for ten minutes waiting for a person, waiting to see the dentist…none of these would be our preferences.

So what is so good about waiting?

And why do we need to wait on God? It is not as if God has forgotten something, or is going slow.

We wait because we need to. We need to exercise trust and hope, and to be attentive.

We need to slow down, and be cured of the fever of frenetic activity, this motion sickness of the soul.

We need to make room. Room in our agendas, our activities, our worries, and all the noise, out there (in the world) and in here (in our heads).

Recently I turned up for an appointment, only to be told I was early and would be seen in 15 minutes or so. I was on my own and with nothing to do, I thought I might get frustrated until it dawned on me…that this wait was a gift. Nothing to do, nothing to say, just space to be…I wondered how it took a waiting room to get me do this, when I could do this in my own home.

There are many other good reasons why we should wait on God, but it is certainly true that we need the practice.

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