Advent 2021-4

Mary takes us from Advent expectancy towards birth, and deeper into the mystery of our salvation. This poem explores the tenderness of Mary, and her deep trust. Mary may not fully understand what God has asked of her, but she believes with all her heart that this can and will be done. Sometimes faith is twisted to having all the answers. Mary certainly did not, but as The Gospel says, she held all these things in her heart, and pondered them, until eventually they revealed their meaning, and were birthed within her. She holds Jesus, and the poet imagines her saying…

Be it unto me as you have said:
may my heartbeat be his ocean
even as my veins run wet with rain
that he spoke into existence.

Be it unto me as you have said:
that the Word Himself will cry out
for my embrace in the dark
which in the beginning, he named Night.

Be it unto me as you have said:
thus my hands will guide his first step
on the green earth that is turning
safely in the curve of his palm.

Be upon me, be within me,
be over me, be beside me,
be, grow, walk, God:
I am the servant of the Lord.

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