Choosing to Love the World

Holy Week 2023: Choosing to Love the World 2nd – 9th April
The phrase “Choosing to Love the World” comes from Thomas Merton. He
writes that ‘choosing to love the world is an acceptance of a task and
vocation in the world, in history and in time. In my time, which is the
He also goes on to say ‘that mere automatic rejection of the world and
contempt for the world is in fact not a choice but an evasion of choice. The
person who pretends that he/she can turn their back on Auschwitz or Vietnam
and act as if they were not there, is simply bluffing.’
Today he might say that ignoring global warming, displacement of people
and rampant inequality is simply bluffing.
In Holy Week we watch and pray with Christ, as we see—
His selfless outpouring and radical choice for the world.
His passion for the world.
His choosing to love the world.

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