Easter General Vestry

We met on Thursday 28th April in Saint Mary’s Dungarvan and had a positive gathering. 

We focused on the talent and industry shown by so many, discerning the times we live in, and having a positive mindset going forward.

We began the meeting by listening to an account Fr Brian D’Arcy gave of a dry stone wall builder he knew who never cut a stone, or rejected a stone.

He takes each stone, finds a place for it in the wall and then builds around it, even if there are spaces left in the wall. If you start looking for the perfect stone you will never build a wall. Take each stone as they come and find room for them and the wall will build itself. It is inspiring to know that there is always a space found for each stone no matter what its shape or size. He said: “It’s not a jigsaw I’m putting together, where everything has to fit perfectly. The gaps and the spaces in the wall allow the wind to blow through and so strengthen the wall.”

As we approach Pentecost we can be inspired, literally, by the wind of the Spirit blowing through the gaps and spaces among us.

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