Weekly Sunday Reflections

How wonderful – we get to return to church together Sunday 5th July!

Comeragh 9.45 am

Stradbally 11.00 am

Cathedral 11.30 am

“I rejoiced with those who said to me; Let us go to the House of the Lord…”

We are really looking forward to seeing each other and being back in the church buildings and worshipping together! What follows is not what we want but what we do as part of our community care. It is invisible compassion if you like. We can’t see if our carefulness, and relinquishing of loved practices protects others, but we believe it can and that is more than enough.

Let’s resolve to return with  JOY.
At Sunday School I was taught JOY stands for Jesus – Others – You.
Thankfully Jesus is with us when two or three of us are together, even 2 metres apart.
We do this for Others .
And You? And me?
We can resolve that the joy is in God’s  presence and in being together again.
We will sing in our hearts if not out loud.
We will be in sweet communion with God and each other even when we do not yet receive Communion.
We will hold the suffering in a prayerful close embrace while we refrain from contact.

So please read the following carefully.  Take it on board and put it into practice because it matters…and then, resolve with all you can, to…

Dean Paul

Before the service:
Many will be cautious about returning to church at this stage, and we remain in fellowship with you and continue to provide resources on the website / www.stcarthagescathedral.ie and by post. If you are unwell or displaying any symptoms please avail of these resources and do not attend church.

Please let us know if you intend to be in church so we can prepare for a particular number:
Cathedral, Cappoquin & Dungarvan : The Dean [email protected] or text 086-7338361 or landline 058-54105.
Stradbally, Kilmacthomas & Comeragh : Canon George Cliffe [email protected] 051-399699 / 087-2368682

  • The wearing of face masks is encouraged.
  • Do bring your own tissues and take home and dispose of appropriately.
  • Be advised that the toilets will be closed.
  • If you have a Prayer Book or the blue Prayer Book that was sent out in lockdown and a hymn book, do bring them with you. Otherwise laminated sheets will be on your seat.
  • On arrival at church we will be delighted to see each other again, but please do not congregate outside or inside, and avoid creating bottlenecks at the entrance.
  • For Track & Trace, we need to keep a record of attendance. This will be your name and a contact number. These details will be kept for two weeks and destroyed in the third week. Where you are a regular parishioner, we may just need your consent as we will know who you are and have your details.

During the Service:
Families may sit together. Otherwise, seating will be 2 metres apart and not to be moved. Churchwardens/stewards will make sure that we enter at a safe distance and go to allocated seating, filling seats in order (for now there will be no such thing as our pew!).

Services will be short in duration, and initially we envisage nothing longer than 30 minutes. The usual movement will be missing, and initially the minister will read the lessons. Similarly the churchwardens will not lift a collection or bring up the elements. A basket will be provided as we leave for a much needed collection. Please do consider setting up a direct debit with the treasurer. No better time for all manner of reasons!

Music and cd’s will be played so we can enjoy the words of well known hymns. Initially, we will not be singing.

After the service:
The churchwardens will oversee our leaving, row by row. Again be careful not to stop and create a bottleneck.
Once a service has taken place the building should be empty and unused for a minimum of 72 hours.

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