The seven churches, previously a group of parishes, became a Union in 2010, and include St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Saint Anne’s Cappoquin, Saint Mary’s (Fountain) Kilwatermoy, Saint Mary’s Dungarvan, Saint James’ Stradbally, Kilrossanty (Comeragh) and Kilmacthomas. The Union is part of The Diocese of Lismore with Clonmel Union and Fiddown Union, in the United Dioceses of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory (which also includes Lismore, Leighlin and Waterford).

Saint Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore

St Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore is situated on a height above the Blackwater valley. The Cathedral can trace its origins back to 635, when Mo Chuda mac Fínaill (St Carthage), arrived in Lismore and founded a monastery. The foundations of the present Cathedral were laid in 1220 and it was completed before 1230. The cathedral was again destroyed in 1579. The tower and spire were added in 1827.

Contact: Very Rev Paul Draper: (t) 058 54105

Services times: Sundays at 11.30a.m. (For more see our Events page)

GPS: 52.139925, -7.929225

Saint Mary’s, Fountain

The most westerly church in the Union is St Mary’s, Fountain (perhaps an anglicised version of Cill Fionntan or Fintan’s Church), in the parish of Kilwatermoy. St Mary’s was built in 1831. The church contains some fine stained glass windows, including one depicting St Cecelia, patron saint of music.

Contact: Mr Johnny Maxwell (t) 058 56325

Services times: 1st Sundays as announced 4.00 pm


Saint Anne’s, Cappoquin

St Anne’s Church is situated in the centre of Cappoquin and was consecrated in October 1820. The chancel and vestry were added in 1869.

Contact: Mr Philip Wingfield (t) 058 54952

Services times: 2nd & 4th Sundays 10.15 am

GPS: 52.147216, -7.851337


Saint Mary’s, Dungarvan

Saint Mary’s is situated in the county town and in the middle of the Union. St Mary’s is a notably large building, rebuilt in 1828 to a design by Board of First Fruits architect James Pain, incorporating part of an earlier church dating from c.1700.

Contact: Mrs Jenny Cashin(t) 058 54952

Services times: 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays 9.00 am

Gps: 52.087821, -7.621412

Saint James’, Stradbally

The ruined church, situated atop a hill on the edge of the village is what remains from 1215. It was with the appointment of John Devereux as Vicar of Stradbally in 1798 that work began on the construction of the present church, just north-west of the medieval one. The church was completed in 1802.

Contact: Rev James Mulhall (t) 051 29312

Services times: Sundays at 11.00a.m.

Gps: 52.129814, -7.464367

Comeragh Church. Kilrossanty

North of Stradbally, at the foot of the Comeragh Mountains, is Comeragh Church, in the parish of Kilrossanty. The present church, a mile up the road from the old one, was built in 1808 with a Board of First Fruits grant. Every Easter Sunday in Kilrossanty the sunrise service is held near Mahon Falls.

Contact: Mr John Hobbs (t) 051 291128

Services times: 1st & 2nd Sundays 9.45 am


Saint John’s, Rossmire (Kilmacthomas)

The most easterly church in the union is St John’s, Rossmire, a short distance outside Kilmacthomas on the road to Newtown. In 1744, the old church of Rossmire was in ruins but by 1778 it was once again in repair. The present church was completed in 1831. Its dedication to St John can be explained by the presence in a nearby field of St John’s Well.

Contact: Mr Winston Boyle (t) 051 294285

Services times: 3rd & 4th Sundays 9.45 am



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