IMPORTANT  COVID-19 INFORMATION:  Where possible, entrance and exit will be by different doors, sanitising will be available, and face masks are to be worn, inside and outside churches, with no unnecessary gathering before or after. We are not yet singing, and we receive the bread alone at Communion.  If you are not feeling well, or been in contact with someone unwell, then do not attend.  Some may still be very cautious about gatherings; there is no pressure on you to attend. You must do what is best for you and yours. Resources will still be made available.  There are currently no baptisms or confirmations, and we are to remain vigilant in our adherence to guidelines. Masks need to be worn at all services, and if you forget send word to a churchwarden who will have spares.  Please see for more information about Covid-19 guidelines and protocols.

Bishop Michael Burrows’ Christmas Message 2021

Saint Carthage’s Cathedral Lismore, on an ancient site, has a stillness and presence, where history, holiness and human warmth come together. Welcome to the Cathedral website.


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Week by week our community is a small group in a large and wonderful Cathedral, who cherish the wider community of visitors and pilgrims.

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The Mission, Ministry and Maintenance of the Cathedral provide a financial challenge which we endeavour to meet as a worshipping community and by the donations of visitors, pilgrims and supporters.

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