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2022 May

Easter People

The Gospel of Easter Day records
Mary Magdalene as the first evangelist of the new community of faith formed
by the resurrection. To a patriarchal church that should be the first clue that
everything changes because He is risen. When Jesus says to Mary Do not
cling to me”, the words are not unkind, for this natural reaction to embrace
Him. They are spoken to us all, that our energies are not for getting back to
the way we were. It is about getting on with who we are becoming. Who are
you becoming? Who are we becoming as a church?

Love prevails over hatred and new life is birthed from the cross, where Jesus
is suspended over all our selfcentredness and division. As the Father called
forth life in creation from the deep, Jesus calls forth new life for all humanity
by his very act of selfless love and radical forgiveness. Risen, He is with us,
within us, the energy of his resurrection ready to flow through the old and
tired. So, who are we becoming as a church?

We are communities of the resurrection. We do not hark back to what we
once were, or lament where we are. We are not holding on or clinging to a
past, or just trying to survive. We are following the risen Jesus whose
resurrection changes everything. There may be things we need to do and
things we no longer need to do. We move from asking God to bless what we
are doing, to prayerfully discerning where God is and what He is doing and
blessing that, by our being active there, too. We have challenges and
difficulties for sure. We must not slide into the mindset of decline, but rather
seek to have within us the mind of the Risen Lord.

Dean Paul

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