Carved Stones Display

Published on 22nd August 2021 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
Sunday 22nd August was a great day when the new exhibition space created to display the ancient carved stones was dedicated by Dom Richard Purcell, Abbot of Mt Melleray and the Dean, following morning service.  The Cathedral architect, Margaret Quinlan, remarked that all the work undertaken during the last eighteen years has, up till now, […]

Cotton Library – Recent Acquisitions

Published on 8th August 2021 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
An important part of the life of any library is the acquiring of new items for the collection. So far this year we have been very fortunate in having several interesting items donated. We were especially delighted to receive a wonderful “Commonplace Book” as a donation from Philip and Susie Wingfield. It is handwritten and […]

Lent 2021 – Guided Meditation Week Five

Published on 18th March 2021 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
SAINT PATRICK In school assemblies we often reflect that Patrick was an unlikely patron saint for Ireland. Apart from having an initially negative experience of this land, he was also quite hesitant about himself. As you can see later, he struggled with his lack of fluency and learning, which he saw in others. However, Patrick […]

Lent 2021 – Guided Meditation Week Four

Published on 10th March 2021 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
FASTING & SELF DENIAL Benedictine monks take obedience as one of their vows. A brother from Glenstal Abbey once described obedience as a type of fasting; fasting from having to have a say on everything, from always being right, from my way being the best way; fasting from having the last word, or from pre-judging […]

Lent 2021 – Guided Meditation Week Three

Published on 26th February 2021 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
PRAYER Lord teach us to pray. The disciples implore Jesus to teach them how to pray. We might remember that this was from a group of people who had been praying since they could speak. As devout members of their faith community, they would have begun each day, and continued in prayer. Perhaps what we […]
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